Guide to a Gluten Free Diet

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Best Gluten Free Products – Deprive Yourself No More

Are you looking for the best gluten free products? Though, many people would assume that there are less wonderful foods and products available for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, the actual list of products that do not contain any gluten component is relatively long. But even if these products are purely gluten free, you should keep in mind that any meal contains gluten once you prepare or cook it with gluten containing ingredients.

The best gluten free products are the safest foods you can purchase as you utilize them to convert your common gluten containing foods to gluten free recipes. As you entice your eyes with a range of products in the grocery store, always set your eyes in the fresh foods section where you can be assured that you will not grab any gluten containing products. Another thing that you should remember is that you should not purchase precooked and boxed meals, which always contain preservatives and additives to keep them tasty that make them also full of gluten.

Fruits are also known as one of the best gluten free products list. Get your shopping cart and buy fruits like apples, cherries, bananas, cranberries, pears, blueberries, quinces, blackberries, raspberries, acai, tangerine, grapes, watermelons, guavas, tamarind, melons, persimmons, lemons, strawberries, limes, pineapples, mangoes, peaches and oranges.

Vegetables such as green beans, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, radish, beans, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, celery, potatoes, cucumber, pepper, corn, onions, lettuce, eggplant and savory garlic are also known as best gluten free products. Even if you can satisfy your vegetarian cravings in varieties of way, you should remember that all the additives and sauces that you will incorporate in your salad dressings should not contain components of wheat or oats and cultivars like rye and barley, so you would not trigger the gluten intolerance symptoms that can spoil your wonderful meal.

So who says that you can’t have a feast at home? Of course you can, since poultry and meat are as well are on the list of the best gluten free products, which include goat, chicken, goose, duck, pork, buffalo, lamb, beef, turkey, veal and quail. You can also include dairy products such as gluten-free butter, plain yogurt, milk and egg.

If you have innate baking capabilities, some of the best gluten free products of flours and grains that you can utilize in your cake or pudding are taro flour, amaranth, tapioca flours, sago, almond flour, cotton seed, buckwheat, quinoa, cassava, rice flour, bean flour, rice, corn flour, pea flour and millet.

So, who says that gluten free diet is less scrumptious and mouth-watering? The best gluten free products are widely available and accessible for you to experiment and transform every meal you crave for as gluten free recipes.

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Attention Diabetes and PCO’s Sufferers – Is Your Medication Causing Vitamin Deficiencies?

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Metformin is a drug that is very commonly given to people with Type II diabetes and/or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It is frequently used by doctors as a “quick fix” to stabilize blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. New research from (J de Jager et al), has found that its long term use is associated with a deficiency of Vitamin B12. In their study of 390participants, a 19% decrease in vitamin B12 levels was recorded with a subsequent increase in homocysteine concentration of 5%.

So why is this important? Vitamin B12 is needed for a variety of activities in the body including regulating the formation of red blood cells and the utilization of iron, the synthesis or protein and metabolism of fat and carbohydrate. B12 is needed to maintain growth and prevent nerve damage. B12

This recent study also revealed that metformin raises homecysteine level. This should be of particular concern if you have high cholesterol levels or have a family history of heart disease, as homecysteine levels are related to both of these issues. People with Alzheimers Disease have also been found to be deficient in B12 and subsequently have high homecysteine levels.

If you are vegetarian, the effect of metformin is likely to be even worse. This is because Vitamin B12 and antioxidant status are already decreased in vegetarians, who also have higher than normal levels of homecysteine.

So what is a healthy alternative to using metformin? The most obvious solution is to lose the excess body fat. A diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates will help immensely. This diet will quickly stabilize blood sugar levels and increase satiety (you get satisfied more easily) also. Because protein requires very little insulin to process it, this type of weight loss program gives the pancreas a rest.

Exercise can never be overlooked – in fact it may even be more beneficial than dietary changes for long term fat loss. It is known that for several hours after exercise, the body requires less insulin to process glucose. Regular exercise will decrease body fat levels, and this in itself helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. Regular exercise along with adequate protein will also help build muscle mass, so the body will actually burn more energy.

So if you do suffer from diabetes or polcystic ovary syndrome, there may be much healthier options than taking a metformin tablet. Yes, diet or exercise is harder than taking a tablet, but the outcomes are well worth the effort. As you know, anything that is worthwhile takes a bit of effort, but of course there is nothing more valuable than your long term health.

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“Eat of the good foods we have provided for you.”

(Al- Quran)

It is compulsory for a Muslim to perform “Haj” once in life time subject to the condition that he or she can afford. By the grace of Allah I was blessed to visit Makka in 1992 and after performing the religious duties by sheer luck I visited the vegetable market in that area. In that market there were number of fresh vegetables and to my surprise “Louki” was approximately five times more as compared to other vegetables. It was the first time I came to know that “Louki” was a favorite vegetable of Hazart Muhammad (PBUH), instantaneously; I decided to find out the history, pharmacological actions, nutrient values and uses of “Louki”.

In 1994 I wrote an article on “Louki” in Urdu. This English translation only gives literary version of all facts dilated upon; however, in case of any detail, the Urdu version shall be relied upon.
“Louki” was favorite and cultural vegetable among Babylon’s. In Hebrew it is called “Oqtellon”. The Arabic word “Yaqtin” is possibly of Hebrew origin. The Latin name of “Louki” is “Lagenaria siceraria” of family Cucurbitaceae.
“Louki” is mentioned two times in The Torah, and The Bible and once in The Quran. Although, there are some differences, the basic story of Jonah (Hazart Yūnus) is very similar and an obvious similarity can be noted from following verses of three Holy books.

“And the LORD God prepared a gourd (Louki), and made it to come up over Jonah (Yunus)”
(Hebrew Bible)

“And the LORD God prepared a gourd (Louki), and made it to come up over Jonah (Yunus)”
(Christian Bible)

و انبتنا عليهِ شجرةً مّن يقطين

And We caused a tree of gourd (Louki) to grow above him;
(Al- Quran)

A Hadith from Bukhari quotes that Ibn Malik said, “I saw the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) picking the pieces of gourd from around the dish, and since then I have kept on liking gourd.”

Dr. G. Khalid wrote a book on “Tib-E Nabeve” and received the highest award (Presidential Award) for literature. Unfortunately, Latin name given for “Louki” in that book is wrong, it is mentioned that it appeared once in The Bible whereas, it is mentioned twice, Dr. Shab, was un-aware of the transformation of word(s) within and/or among language(s); nevertheless, he was a great human being and very close friend of mine.

Many people may not be aware of pharmacological actions and medicinal values of “louki”. However, when it comes to its “seed oil”, that is castor oil; it emerges to be very close to our daily life. The oil it self contains five valuable organic acids and which has for ages been in high repute as a medicine.

“Louki” is a type of cold and wet plant and a light food that is easily digested, very useful for curing obesity. Its seeds are a good source of iron, zinc, essential fatty acids, potassium, and magnesium. The seeds may also promote prostate health, since components in seed oil appears to interrupt the triggering of prostate cell multiplication by testosterone and DHT. In most of middle-eastern countries and Saudi Arabia people eat seeds, especially shopkeepers, though these seeds have different origin but belong to the same family (Cucurbitaceac) as “Louki”.It may not be wrong to mention that Arabs are producing more “natural testosterone” than non user. In general, “Louki” is one of the lightest foods and easy to digest.

“Louki” contain Vitamin A, B and C, saturated and unsaturated fat, dietry fibers and carbohydrates. When it comes to minerals “Louki” can easily supply calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium to much needy body. I may not be wrong to claim “Eat Louki and forget about multi-vitamin and digestive tablets. Do not waste your money on commercial obesity medicines; just keep “Louki” as part of your food.”

There are two types of food all over the world, first vegetables and second non-vegetables. Hazart Muhammad (PBUH) used both foods to tell his followers that they are equally good. Considering the abundant nutritional value and remarkable pharmacological actions, and a “Sunna”, the use and cultivation of “Louki” is unfortunately very limited in Pakistan.

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Vitamins – An Overview of How They Help Our Bodies Perform Their Critical Functions

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There is a large variety of vitamins available which can help you to stay healthy. These vitamins as well as other very important minerals are also known as micronutrients. Your body requires a steady influx of these nutrients so that your cells are able to carry out all of the biochemical reactions that are required of them. Micronutrients help you to grow properly, aid with food digestion and help you to be more alert mentally. In addition, they make your body more resistant to infectious diseases and they aid with the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Vitamins and minerals also act as catalysts which means that they help to speed up many important chemical reactions within your body cells. Essentially then, protein, fats and carbohydrates provide you with energy, whereas, vitamins and minerals help with cellular function.

Most vitamins and minerals are not directly produced by our body. For this reason, we need to get our vitamins from the food we eat or by taking additional supplements. In the event that you become deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral over the course of time, you may end up developing a particular disease. This adverse situation can often be turned around simply by supplementing yourself with the nutrient which you are deficient in.

There are 13 vitamins overall. Of these, four are the fat soluble type and the remaining nine are considered to be water soluble. The fat soluble variety has the ability to be stored in various parts of your body. For instance, they can be stored within the fat cells as well as in certain organs, in particular, the liver. Typically, water soluble vitamins will not get stored in any great quantity within your body, so you need to be getting a regular influx of these on a fairly regular basis.

Some of the fat soluble vitamins which can be stored within your body include vitamins A, D, E and K. These will dissolve within fatty tissue and they need to react with bile in order to be successfully absorbed. The fat soluble vitamins are additionally stored within your tissues so if they build up too high, then they can become toxic.

Vitamin C as well as the eight B vitamins are considered to be the water soluble variety. These include thiamine or B1, riboflavin or B2, niacin or B3, pantothenic acid or B5, pyroxidine or B6, vitamin B12, biotin and folic acid. All of these will dissolve in water, so one has to be careful as they can be washed right out of the food during the preparation and cooking process. Water soluble vitamins are both absorbed and excreted very easily. Since they do not get stored to any great extent in your tissues, they will rarely reach levels which are considered toxic.

Now ultimately, you should be able to get all of your vitamins and minerals in the food you eat, at least in theory. The trouble is, we often come up short on nutrition with our present day diets. For this reason, it is a good idea to supplement our diet with selected vitamins and minerals.

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Is the Alkaline Diet All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

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The alkaline diet is usually billed as a solution for weight problems, fatigue, and lots of similar health issues that trouble our contemporary world. If you have noticed these claims, you’re in all probability interested in the alkaline diet, but not fully satisfied that it’s all it’s presupposed to be.

Here, I want to briefly respond to these concerns so that you can make the best choice for your way of life.

First, let’s talk about what kind of proof for the alkaline diet we need to see before we make up our minds. As impressive as they may be, individual success stories aren’t enough.

In the end, there are individuals in existence singing the praises of every diet in the marketplace, from low-carb to high-carb. No, what we want is effectively-designed scientific research conducted by neutral experts. Is there any such research about the alkaline diet?

The reply is yes. Even though I don’t have sufficient room to enter them here in detail, there have been a lot of reports which confirm the advantages of the alkaline diet for preventing osteoporosis and muscle wasting, as well as for lowering the discomfort associated with chronic low back pain and rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers also have good reason to suppose that an alkaline diet might be helpful for bettering energy levels, preserving kidney function, and stopping kidney stones.

What about the safety of the alkaline diet? That is clearly a necessary consideration. It doesn’t matter what the advantages are claimed for a diet, you don’t want to take the risk of inflicting serious injury to your well-being by following an extreme diet.

Well, the good news regarding the alkaline diet is that it is not an extreme fad diet. On the contrary, it is a well-balanced nutritional approach, which means that for nearly everybody, it is a safe and effective dietary protocol.

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Find The Best Tips for Preschool kids Observations

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Tips For Parents With Preschool Kids</>

Are you feeling nervous about sending your child off to preschool? A little preparation goes a long way towards making the big transition easier.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

It’s normal for most kids to be scared of separation. Children cry when you leave because they’re not sure they’re going to see you again, and when you come to pick them up because they’re reminded of how they felt when you left.

Here are a few tips to help your child deal with her fears:

• Start talking to your toddler about his first day of school at least a week before the big day.

• Arm yourself in advance with information about a typical day in school, and describe it your kid.

• When your child is feeling safe and receptive, perhaps at bedtime, talk about being apart, and stress on the fact that you will be coming back.

• Being able to tell your preschooler that you will be picking her up “after tiffin-time”, or that you will be waiting at the building gate when the bus drops them will be very helpful.

• Always speak positively about the school

Pre School Kids’ Nutrition

It’s a good idea encourage healthy eating habits in your child when he’s young. If your toddler is a picky eater, tiffin-time at her preschool is a great first step in the battle to teach her to “eat healthy.” That’s because children usually respond well to the company of other kids, and will often polish off their food without a murmur in the company of friends.

You can help your child to develop healthy food habits by involving him in the grocery shopping and meal preparation.Your preschool kids will probably love to help you peel bananas or wash spinach. Taking an active role in getting the meal ready makes a child more receptive to learning about a healthy diet.

When you plan your menu, make sure that you include enough servings from all the food groups, including grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat or pulses (daal), and fats. Sending cold Maggi noodles in the tiffin every day will probably earn you a scold from your kid’s teacher, quite apart from teaching him unhealthy food habits.

If you’re out of lunch box ideas, talk to your neighbours, or check on the internet. There’s plenty of help available!

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pre school kids nutritionand planning for his children that always encourage healthy eating habits in your child when he’s young .If your toddler is a picky eater and your preschool kids then probably love to help you peel bananas or wash spinach.

"GBG" Added "Herbal Energizer Liquid Extract" To "10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula"

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GBG” added “Herbal Energizer Liquid Extract” to “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula” as another important ingredient in this amazing super antioxidant formula. What does that mean for the person taking this incredibly appealing great tasting liquid nutritional supplement? It means that there is even more reason to add this one to your everyday routine. “GBG” created “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula” to support a healthy immune system and to help add the energy needed to get through those long days that sometimes seem to drain the energy away. Below is a list of benefits that are offered by the “Herbal Energizer Liquid Extract” contained in “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula“.

This group consists of two “adaptogens” which has been defined above.
The special biological and physiological properties of the “adaptogen” herbs are:
a) “Schizandra chinensis” (seed extract).
1. Increases physical and mental work capacity.
2. Speeds recovery from fatigue
3. Produces antioxidant activities against oxygen free radicals which are damaging to body cells
4. Increases resistance to stress
b) “Eleutherococcus senteicosus” (Acantho root)
1. Increases physical capacity and endurance
2. Increases attention span
3. Sustains energy levels during prolonged work periods.
4. Provides resistance to stress
5. Enhances the immune system
c) “Rhodiola Rosea” (Golden root)
added as a miscellaneous ingredient
1. Increases work ability
2. Improves quality of sleep and appetite
3. Possesses anti-stress action
4. Aids in lowering lipids and triglycerides
d) “L-carnitine
Is an amino acid synthesized in the liver and kidneys from lysine and methionine. The claims of biological activities of L-carnitine are:
1. Increases fat metabolism
2. Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels
3. Is cardio-protective
e) “Glucoranolactone
is a naturally occurring metabolite, a carbohydrate produced by the human metabolic system, formed when glucose breaks down and is believed to be helpful in ridding the body of harmful substances and providing an instant energy boost.

GBG“‘s “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula” offers all of this and more, but we wanted to let you know especially about “Herbal Energizer Liquid Extract” since it holds such great value for anyone that wants to take advantage of its benefits. “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula” comes in this great tasting liquid formula which means that it is readily available for the body to use within minutes of ingestion. That means that you will get the full value of the many nutrients without them being destroyed in the digestive tract. This liquid formula is quickly absorbed unlike pills that often just sit in the stomach and intestines without even dissolving. Money saved and nutrition absorbed, what could be better than that? So why not add “GBG“‘s “10-in-One Vitamin & Mineral Formula” with “Herbal Energizer Liquid Extract” to your daily routine?

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The Fish Oil Omega 3 Fatty Acids Side Effects and How To Avoid Them

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The main danger you face from fish oil omega 3 fatty acids side effects are the result of poor quality oil, with low purity levels and many products containing some toxins from the fish. This is easily avoided by knowing how to select the right oil for the maximum benefits with no risk.

Normally your side effects are limited to those unpleasant fishy burps and smell! You can test how pure they are simply by opening one and sniffing – there should only be a faint ocean smell and nothing else!

The more serious fish oil omega 3 fatty acids side effects come when the oil has not been molecularly distilled, meaning you can be unwittingly ingesting dangerous toxins like mercury and lead which can result in illness with regular use.

It is easy to avoid these once you know what to look for.

The best quality oils have been distilled, removing all the harmful contaminants and leaving you only concentrated, pure and safe oil with increased levels of the beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA.

Of these two fats, DHA is the one that will provide the many health benefits like prevention of heart disease, treatment of arthritis and lower cholesterol and blood pressure for starters.

It is the anti-inflammatory qualities that fish oil has that makes it so effective and many of the poor quality products available have very little of these qualities, being very low in DHA.

I would recommend at least 250mg of DHA per capsule for the maximum benefits as many contain much less than this.

In closing, if you follow these tips you should find your way to a quality oil and avoid those unnecessary fish oil omega 3 fatty acids side effects altogether and instead reap the rewards they provide.

If you would like to learn more about the high quality DHA omega 3 supplements I personally take daily, visit my website today.

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Buy Sytropin

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Getting fit and feeling young is a goal we all want to achieve for whatever reason. You can buy sytropin as an anti aging supplement, go to a gym, find the right diet, and other things to help you become healthy. What is important is that you stick to it and maintain the healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.

Fighting against the reality of growing old, especially if you have hit the big 4-0 can be a challenge. These days it may be both easy and hard in how to go about it. Information today makes it possible for you to discern which options you may choose to try to stay young. The problem is that there is too much information and it may get confusing at times on what you want to do as there are a myriad of possibilities and processes you can choose from. On one side you can do the diet and exercise routine which is still the best formula for staying fit and feeling and looking young. You can also using natural supplements. You can buy sytropin which is supposedly an effective anti aging supplement because it aids the Human Growth Hormone in triggering cellular regeneration. You can also buy other supplements which you feel you need to put your body in balance.

What motivates us to try to look and feel young? Is it trying to go back to those days of youth which were full of energy, vitality and even libido? Are we pressured by the current surroundings and by peers who want to keep in shape because others are doing so? Do we want to change our present situation and have a higher quality of life, more time to spend with our kids and close friends? For whatever reason you have for trying to be fit and healthy, the important things aside from intention are execution and follow through. It is a decision that is meant to be implemented and done for the long haul. There are no short cuts to keeping fit, although there are aids such as supplements and vitamins that help you achieve your goals faster. Once you decide to change your lifestyle in order to be fit and healthy, you must remain true to the path and the course.

There is so much information on what you can do. You can go online and check out diet plans, workouts, gyms, spas and the like. Ask help from your friends on what they do. Read magazines and books on the current trends in health and wellness. Try out some complimentary gym passes which some companies give to entice you to join their club. Pick out a diet that suits you. There are endless types which include the Atkins, South Beach, The Fruit and Vegetables, the High Protein Diet to say a few. The names of supplement companies are endless and some are even niche markets. You have herbalife, usana, nutrilife and buy Sytropin. It is your choice when to start and how to start. It is your desire to lose the weight and start feeling healthy and young. It is your perseverance and dedication that maintains it.

About the Author provides detailed information about where to buy Sytropin injections and its benefits, where to buy HGH, and reviews of best HGH sprays, supplements, vitamins, and more.

How to Choose Vitamin A Supplement?

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Vitamin A has three functions, most notably the protection of eyesight. Vitamin A is one of the major components of rhodopsin (mostly formed by protein) in the eye retina. Rhodopsin absorbs lights and stimulates biochemical reactions, eventually causes nerves’ sensitivity. Second, vitamin A can also initiate gene expressions and ultimately control cell mutation. Vitamin A also affects our immune system, taste, hearing, appetite, skin renewal and bone development. Vitamin A’s another role is to control embryonic development. Retinoic acid can also regulate the expressions of certain genes, which results in dominating the muscle and organ development.

Lack of vitamin A is a common health problem in developing countries. Every year about 500,000 preschool children go blind due to vitamin A deficiency. Millions of people showed symptoms of blindness at night due to the same reason. It is estimated one million children in the world showing no symptoms at all even they are actually lack of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is actually a generic term for a large number of related compounds. Couple of major forms:

1. Retinol – Absorbed when eating food of animal origin, is a yellow, fat-soluble substance. The vitamin is found in tissues in a form of retinyl ester and gets converted into alcohol retinol in the small intestine. It is commercially produced and administered as esters such as retinyl acetate or palmitate.

2. Carotenoids (carotenes) – Found mainly in food of plant origin. Fruits and vegetables have about 50-60 species of carotene.

Vitamin A naturally exist in many of our foods:

* liver (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish) (6500 μg 722%)

* carrot (835 μg 93%)

* broccoli leaf (800 μg 89%) – According to USDA database broccoli florets have much less.

* sweet potato (709 μg 79%)

* butter (684 μg 76%)

* kale (681 μg 76%)

* spinach (469 μg 52%)

* pumpkin (400 μg 41%)

* collard greens (333 μg 37%)

* Cheddar cheese (265 μg 29%)

* cantaloupe melon (169 μg 19%)

* egg (140 μg 16%)

* apricot (96 μg 11%)

* papaya (55 μg 6%)

* mango (38 μg 4%)

* pea (38 μg 4%)

* broccoli (31 μg 3%)

* milk (28 μg 3%)

Since vitamin A from food of animal origin is fat-soluble, disposing of any excesses taken in through diet is much harder than with water-soluble vitamins B and C, thus vitamin A toxicity may occur, such as nausea, jaundice, irritability, loss of appetite, vomiting, blurred vision, headache, hair loss, muscle and abdominal pain and weakness, fatigue and mood swings (altered mental status). Usually when intake reaches doses as 25,000 IU / kg body weight,acute toxicity may occur. Liver toxicities can occur at levels as low as 15,000 IU per day to 1.4 million IU per day. In people with renal failure 4000 IU can cause substantial damage.

However, the carotenoid forms (such as beta-carotene as found in carrots), give no such symptoms. It is converted into vitamin A base on our body needs. But excessive dietary intake of beta-carotene can lead to carotenodermia, which causes orange-yellow discoloration of the skin. Once you stop taking or reduce the dosage of the vitamin, discoloration usually disappears. Those reports that relate large doses of vitamin A to brittle bones all refer to the preformed vitamin A, not β-carotene. β-carotene in food does not increase toxins in blood or liver. So if you need vitamin A, the ones labeled with “Vitamin A (as β(beta)-Caratene)” is your best choice!

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