Dangers of Antimony Contamination in Drinking Water

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Among the most important issues you’ll want to check when you are evaluating a camping water filter is whether it is able to fully strip away highly noxious and toxic chemical substances in your drinking water resource. By way of example, will your drinking water filtration eliminate antimony?

Antimony is a metallic element which can exist as a silvery metal or a gray powder. This element is practically used in lead alloys, paint, ceramics, glass, and industrial processes such as manufacturing of semiconductors. Extraction can include mining like gold, since it is present in ores. But, antimony is also freely present in the environment. In fact, small amounts are present in the soil and perhaps readily adsorbed by groundwater.

Antimony has been of great use to humans. However, like any other element, some threats to human health have also been identified and related to the element. This element has been one of the known water contaminants. Immediate results of intoxication include headaches, coughing, troubled sleep, and even vertigo. These are usually similar to the effects of arsenic water contamination, so it would not be easy to pinpoint easily which element is the culprit.

Since it can exist as a powdery substance, inhaling it would cause irritation of the respiratory system. More or less the same effect occurs when too much antimony is contained in your drinking water.

Prolonged exposure to antimony could lead to lung cancer, liver damage, and other respiratory tract-related diseases. It also irritates your gastrointestinal mucosa and would cause you to vomit, experience nausea, and mild to severe diarrhea.

Other symptoms of antimony contamination include abdominal cramps. Among women, it has been discovered that continuous intake of antimony-contaminated water can cause premature birth. What is worse is that it can also contribute to spontaneous abortions among pregnant women.

The reproductive and respiratory systems are not the only ones affected. Antimony intoxication can also affect the eyes and lead to optic nerve destruction and retinal bleeding. Other long-term effects of overexposure to this element include increase in blood cholesterol and decrease in blood sugar.

Aside from the natural occurrence of antimony in ground water which is made into drinking water, the use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or plastic bottles in storing drinking water could add to the intoxication. Antimony is used in producing these plastic bottles. When exposed to unlikely conditions like too much heat, intoxication level might go up, increasing the risk of your drinking water’s unsafeness. However, there have been standards monitoring the maximum level of contamination by antimony. Proper agencies are making sure that these set standards are followed.

To conclude, definitely appraise the brand of camping water filter that like to spend money on. Make certain that it filters out or takes away noxious chemicals such as antimony from your very own water supply.

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Utilizing The Common Sense Things That Will Help You Shed Pounds And Live Right

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Many would-be dieters often make the mistake of assuming that dieting and healthy living invariably involve sweeping, unalterable changes. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you will likely get more benefit from a simple change than you would from a sweeping upheaval of your entire routine. Try these tips to get your diet going today.

Skip The Salad Dressing Whenever Possible

Most salad dressings take what would otherwise be a healthy meal and turn it into one of the worst things you could ever put into your body. Most dressings are empty calories that triple or quadruple the caloric value of an otherwise nutritious salad. Either find a low-calorie dressing, or even better, skip the dressing altogether.

Hot Peppers Are An Effective Appetite Suppressant

Incorporating fresh (not canned) hot peppers into a meal will help suppress your appetite and keep you full long after you’re done eating. Studies show that it doesn’t really matter what type of pepper you eat, so just about any chili pepper will work.

Keep An Eye On Your Blood Sugar Levels

What you eat directly impacts your blood sugar and insulin levels, which directly influences your mood. This then affects how your brain interprets the appetite signals your body sends it. Look for low-glycemic foods and include them in your meals throughout the day to avoid blood sugar fluctuations.

Follow The 30/40/30 Rule As Best As You Can

The building blocks of food are rather simple. There are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Any long-term successful diet will balance the proportion of these building blocks in such a way that you will get 30% of your calories from protein, 40% from simple carbohydrates, and the remaining 30% from essential fats.

Yogurt Is A Great Low-Calorie Snack

Yogurt offers a tasty, low-calorie food that helps regulate the digestive system and offers a food that is remarkably balanced between proteins, carbs and fats. They come in numerous flavors that make it seem almost like a dessert without consequences.

Think Of Calories Like Money, And Budget Them Accordingly

A good way to look at calories and your body is like money and a bank. “Spend” your calories and food and construct your diet like you would a budget. Want a cookie? Fine, but remember you only have a fixed number of calories to spend in a day. Spend them on a cookie, and you won’t have them for something else later on. Thinking this way is a great way to control your intake in a simple and clear manner.

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Seven Best Foods To Live Without Bad Cholesterol

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Many people die due to hypertension and stroke which is because of the fast food, the type of meat and the junk foods we eat. It has to be noted that the death rate is increasing.

Well it’s really has sense. A correct choice of foods would help to escape from bad cholesterol or else it will be highly dangerous.

Here are some foods which help in high up the cholesterol level. So it’s not too late to start something new.

1.Rich fatty acid foods like Omega 3

Marine fishes such as tuna, salmon and mackerel are best of the ones. And also the acid can be found in oils of nuts, in vegetables and flaxseeds.

Omega 3 is best to heart and reduces the problems of atherosclerosis. Very highly they reduce the bad cholesterol in a body.

2.Wine in the shade of red

There is a self belief that HDL content in the body would go high when consuming alcoholic beverages. But red wine is out all that because it provides rich health advantages to the heart.

The good cholesterol content in the body can be increased significantly by drinking red wine regularly.

3.Chocolates in deep dark

Dark chocolates which contain 70% cocoa ingredients prove to be very effective for a good cholesterol level. So don’t hesitate to have a piece of chocolate but keep in mind that you don’t cross the limits.

4.Tea made with green leaves

The ones that are contained within the glass is something which should be avoided. Because the amount of sugar is more, this ultimately ends increasing the HDL in the body. Instead have something which is natural.

5.Foods with a good amount of soluble fiber

Rich contents of soluble fiber are present in wheats, grains, oats, green leaves and fruits. The soluble fiber reduces the bad cholesterol levels when had every day with food. This also increases the amount of good cholesterol.

6.Oils that are monosaturated

Canola and olive oils are nice monosaturated oils. It should be made essential in daily foods. It also multiplies with ease. They are especially for increasing the good cholesterol amounts.

7.Hard shelled fruits

Some of the dry fruits that help increase the good cholesterol levels are almonds, peanuts, walnuts and pistachios. They possess monounsaturated fats which yields benefits to the heart.

A healthy body with good nutrients is achieved by selecting proper foods with effective ingredients. These can prove to be the alternatives to medicines which provide a good cholesterol level.

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What People Should Realize Regarding Diet Drinks and Weight Loss Drinks

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If an individual consumes numerous diet drinks, he or she may already be mindful that the words “diet drinks” and “weight loss drinks” absolutely must not be utilized in the comparable sentence. Few people have finished enough research to picture that diet drinks may really speed up weight gain rather than weight reduction.

Therefore, with that in mind, keep studying this article to determine how to avoid all of that. If people will get a few of the most dependable advice in order for them to save thousands of empty calories every month as well as take out plenty of weight over the period of a year.

For numerous people, the aim of drinking clear old water is adequate to held them to tears. Few people like to consume weight loss drinks that taste admirable. Still, sugar and chemical sugar replacements aren’t good for the health or waistline.

Thus, the solution that people can assure is the Warrior Whey. The savor is better than sugar and is a superior NATURAL subsidiary. Anybody may adopt the directions the right way and easily when consuming this advantageous product. Bear in mind that now, there are various weight loss drinks product, still acquiring the positive one is sometimes a challenging thing to execute. Hence, a person should really take in which they suppose will be providing them the substantial nutrients they necessitate.

Even though these weight loss drinks don’t tell so upon learning their labels, yet they are wonderful dieting drinks. They execute a pretty good job of filling a person up and are packed with quality protein. The protein supplies the muscles in the body, and that leads to many calories being burned because muscles burn down away plenty of calories than fat that is up to 8 times more.

If a person is determined regarding reducing weight, he or she demands affixing protein shakes into their day-to-day diet. This is one of the most crucial components to be able to substantiate a sensible torso. What has just been explained in this article is how diet drinks as well as weight loss drinks can work unitedly.

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Keep Your Immune System Strong

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Now, in winter, many people are right to fear an impending flu season. One thing is sure: you can even do something to protect themselves against influenza. Besides a sufficient exercise in the fresh air and a healthy diet, an optimal supply of all micronutrients, which are involved in the metabolism of the immune system.

The highlight is on a micro nutrient therapy to administer the correct materials in the exact dosage, as for the metabolism of-tolerated and beyond are even beneficial. And that can be determined only after an accurate blood test. A targeted high-dose micronutrient therapy, which is just possible only on the basis of a blood test, turns out to be one of the most appropriate prophylactic measures against influenza and influenza infections.

Sufficient availability of micronutrients have a crucial importance for the functioning of the immune system. If one or more micronutrients not available in the required amount is, it comes quickly to any disruption of innate and adaptive immune system. The other way around existing infections may further deteriorate the micro-nutrients, such as due to reduced access to or an increased excretion of individual micronutrients.

Already the suboptimal intake of a vitamin or mineral can impair the immune response. The substrate requirements of the immune system is compared to other tissues is very high, since the individual components of the immune system are subject to continuous assembly and disassembly. For the control of pathogens in the cell, for example Virus, the organism requires a special type of immune response, which is sponsored by so-called TH1 lymphocytes. This kind of targeting the immune system is characterized by an increased formation of inflammatory mediators. Th2 lymphocytes promote the formation of antibodies in the blood. An overly strong Th2 orientation of the immune system is, for example Allergies in the front, is formed in which too much IGE.

As mentioned earlier, requires the TH1 immune system a focus for anti-virus. This includes sufficient intake of vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, C and E and the trace elements selenium, zinc, copper and iron is necessary. Each of the above-mentioned micronutrients is essential for a normally functioning immune system. Vitamin A and D are also necessary for the functioning of the immune system, but rather promote the formation of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Time has shown that the vitamin D concentration of considerable importance for the immunocompetence has. How U.S. Researchers at the University of Colorado have discovered there is an increased incidence of colds significantly when only low levels of vitamin D in their blood are present. Probably exists between vitamin D levels and the efficiency of the immune system are closely linked.

Of the amino acids have in particular arginine, glutamine, and the tripeptide glutathione is very relevant to the immunocompetence. For sufficient Glutathionsynthese turn, the amino acid cysteine plays a prominent role. Glutamine is an important energy source for the cells of the immune system. A good Glutaminversorgung the formation of lymphocytes improved. Arginine is the starting material for the formation of the gaseous messenger NO, which is also required for the control of intracellular pathogens. Total Arginine provides many immune-stimulating properties. In general, a good supply of all amino acids is important for immune function, since, as mentioned above, subject to the immune system and dismantling of a high rate.

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Fast Foods are more harm than you think

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During these fast paced times, Fast food is becoming more convenient and is perfect for those us who work long hours, spend endless hours in traffic and sometimes even have to bring office work back home. This leaves us hardly little time for cooking a gourmet meal on a day by day basis.

Most fast food is fried and contains trans fat, which in turn, increases your weight, bad cholesterol and risks to heart and other serious diseases. The average daily calorie intake for an average adult female is approximately 2000 calories and 2500 for an average male; one fast food meal contains commonly much more than that, which in turn means that whatever you have consumed during the day besides the fast food meal will be excess calories. Most fast food is prepared by deep friying or contains other side dishes such as fries, biscuits which all contains trans fat. Starchy foods such as mash potatoes or any pupates, which will only serve your hunger from two to four hours after, which you will start craving food again.

Fast food nourishment can be regulated by you if you choose to do so, for example, if you have a grilled chicken sandwich with french fries, substitute it with a salad or fruit instead. All fast food restaurants are at present required to carry fast food nutrition facts. That way, you can better regulate what you’re taking into your body. Yes, fast food can be as healthy as you make it for there are options now that allow us to look up the fast food facts and, thus, ensure we don’t eat what is bad for our body and health.

Everybody loves fast food and restricting yourself from it will only make you crave it int he long run. You can instead try and follow the fast food nutrition facts and cut down on the portion sizes, as well as choose the fast food that is healthiest from them all.


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Dieting to Improve Your Heath Health

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Exercise is crucial to our health. The entire body must develop energy, and exercise helps to develop it. Diet is also key point in maintaining, regaining, or improving heart health.

A daily assault on your system of trans fats and high-cholesterol foods can’t be “undone” with exercise alone, research suggests that the goal is to consume nutrient-dense foods good for antioxidants, including Vitamins B, C, and E and folate. These healthy foods have properties that improve nitrate acid levels, and as a result, your cardiovascular health.

Unless you’ve been living in the cage for the past decade, you will know high-cholesterol food includes eggs, dairy products, and beef. But including a small portion of these foods in your daily diet is also a must, as they also contain essential minerals and good healthy fats, just don’t ever do it.

It seems that the better food tastes, the more the cholesterol. Potato chips, candy bars, cake, and ice cream are ALL high-cholesterol foods. So definitely limit these foods in your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

Just how does one set about eating a heart-nutritious diet without starving to death? It really isn’t quite as tricky as it might seem at first glance. You might have fresh fruit and fresh vegetables – and fruits and vegetables DO taste good. You should adhere to fish and chicken, and appreciate a beef steak only on a rare occasion, and then the steak has to be very lean.

Wholegrain foods should be the choice you must make. Stick to extra virgin olive oil, olive oil, coconut oil, walnut oil, and avocado oil, and a little butter never really hurt anyone either. Lard and other saturated fats, trans fats should be avoided.

Eating a heart-healthy diet means that you may possibly have to surrender (at least drastically cut back on) many of the foods that have dominated your diet. But the substitutions are tasty and the advantages are many. Be mindful of your heart health. It’s the only one you have.

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The Most Common causes of Dehydration

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The most common causes of dehydration, such as excessive sweating, vomiting and diarrhea, cause loss of electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, besides water. Hence, dehydration is often accompanied by a deficiency of electrolytes. In this case, water does not move easily from the large inner tank into the blood cells. Therefore, the volume of water circulating in the blood is even lower. There may be a drop in blood pressure causing dizziness or light an impending loss of consciousness, especially when standing (orthostatic hypotension). If water and electrolyte loss continues, blood pressure can fall dangerously and causing a state of shock with severe injuries to many internal organs such as kidneys, liver and brain.

Dehydration stimulates thirst centers in the brain, causing them to drink more fluids. If consumption can not compensate the water lost, dehydration worsens. Sweating decreases and produces less urine. The water moves from the vast inner tank into the blood cells. If dehydration is not improving, body tissues begin to dry. Finally, the cells begin to fold and function improperly. Brain cells are among the most prone to dehydration, so a major sign of seriousness is the mental confusion that may progress to coma.


In cases of mild dehydration, drinking plain water may suffice. However, when there has been a loss of water and electrolytes must also replenish the salt (especially sodium and potassium). There have been some sports drinks to replenish the salts (electrolytes) lost during vigorous exercise. These drinks can be used to prevent or treat mild dehydration. Drinking plenty of fluids and eating a small amount of additional salt during or after exercise is also an effective method. People with heart or kidney problems should consult with your doctor the safest way to replace fluid before starting any exercise practice.

If the fall in blood pressure causes a state of shock or threat of shock, given intravenously solutions containing sodium chloride. Intravenous fluids are delivered quickly at first and then more slowly as fitness improves. Always treat the underlying cause of dehydration. For example, in case of diarrhea, may need to take drugs to treat or stop it, in addition to fluid replacement. When the kidneys are excreting too much water due to a deficiency of antidiuretic hormone (as may happen in case of diabetes insipidus), may be necessary to chronic treatment with synthetic antidiuretic hormone. Once the cause is fixed, individuals in recovery phase are controlled to ensure that oral intake of fluids is again adequate to maintain hydration.


Hyperhydration is excess water in the body.

It occurs when water consumption is greater than its removal. This excess water causes excessive dilution of sodium in the blood. Drinking excessive amounts of water usually does not cause overhydration, provided that the pituitary, kidneys and heart are functioning normally, an adult would have to drink more than 7.5 liters of water a day to exceed the capacity of excretion of the organism.

Hyperhydration is much more frequent when the kidneys do not excrete water normally, as in the course of heart disease, kidney or liver. People with these problems should limit the amount of water they drink normally, and the consumption of salt.

Just as in dehydration, the body most prone to overhydration is the brain. When is slow, brain cells are able to adapt so as to have few symptoms. When is rapid, the patient can have mental confusion, convulsions and coma.

Doctors try to distinguish between hyperhydration and excess blood volume. In the first, the excess water is located in and around the cells and usually shows no signs of fluid buildup. In case of excess blood volume, the body has too much sodium and hence water can not displace the inner tank cells. In situations of volume overload, such as heart failure and liver cirrhosis, fluid accumulates around the cells in the thorax, abdomen and lower legs. The distinction between overhydration and excessive blood volume is often quite complicated, since overhydration can occur alone or together with excess blood volume.


Hyperhydration treatment depends to some extent on the underlying cause. However, regardless of this, restrict fluid intake. Drinking less than one liter of fluid daily hyperhydration generally decreases after a few days. This fluid restriction should be undertaken only under medical supervision.

Doctors sometimes prescribe a diuretic to increase water excretion by the kidneys. In general, diuretics are more useful in the treatment of excess blood volume and, consequently, its effectiveness is greater when hyperhydration is accompanied by an oversupply.

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Dieting and Diets

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In order to live a long and healthful life, there are two necessary things: diet and fitness. You may be wondering about dieting and diets, which are the best ones to take up.

Believe it or not, you can lose weight via a change of diet on it’s own. It is difficult but it is not impossible. You can follow a healthy diet whilst not doing so much exercise, and the reverse is also possible, eating junk food whilst staying thin.

If you eat lots of fatty foods, your body won’t have the right fuel to burn the fat and thus the fat will stay. Also, if the body doesn’t have the energy needed to create muscle, you could lift all the weight in the world and not bulk up.

When considering dieting and diets, the optimum result will be achieved when the diet compliments the workout routine. Employ your workouts to get rid of the calories that are excess whilst using the diet to provide the fuel needed to exercise.

Bear in mind, though, that if you build muscle while losing fat, you may not lose weight as such as the muscle will weight more than the fat, but you will see noticeable changes in the mirror. Lots of people lose confidence in their progress when they see what they don’t want to see on the scales and don’t realize what’s happening.

See the dieting and diets and exercise as a glove and ball analogy. You can catch and throw a ball without the use of a glove but when you combine the two, things become a lot easier and progress is made. Combine dieting with exercise and you’re solving both sides of the problem, eating properly whilst doing the exercise needed in order to lose the excess weight.

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How To Eat Right With A Minimum Time Expenditure

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Recently I have heard a very strange statement that when you are very busy, when you have a lot of work, etc., it is simply impossible to eat right. In my opinion, it is not true. The most interesting is that the cooking of useful food always takes me less time than the fried dishes and bakery. I’m one of those people who do not like to mess around in the kitchen for a long time, even when I’m sitting at home and have nothing to do.

So, an ode to a stomach of an office worker: for cooking we need 5-10 minutes, a thermos (it is wonderful if you have a special thermos for food), a steamer (it is not expensive, but if you are very tight with money, you can use a saucepan and a colander).

A breakfast

For a breakfast it is better to eat cooked porridges of whole grain cereals.

At the evening pour buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, barley or millet with boiling water in a thermos in 1 to 3 proportion. And in the morning you will get a very tasty and healthfully cooked porridge. You can add your favorite spices, milk or fruit.

For example, you can eat frozen fruit or berries, jam or honey with oatmeal porridge. The most delicious oatmeal porridge I have prepared in the summer, when I added there fresh strawberries and honey from the apiary. Before steaming millet always rinse it with boiling water and then several times with cold water, otherwise the porridge will turn bitter.

A lunch

In the morning we load meat or fish, vegetables (frozen are acceptable), cereals in the steamer, pour the necessary amount of water and switch the steamer on. While you wash, dress, do a make-up, the food is prepared. If you have 20-30 minutes, it is better to choose fish and vegetables – they are preparing in 20 minutes. If you have more time choose meat. Poultry prepares in 40 minutes and I cook red meat 50 minutes. And note that it is preparing itself, without any human intervention. Then put it all in a special utensil or thermos, grab some fresh vegetables and a healthy lunch at the job time is ready!

If the taste of steamed food seems insipid, you can experiment with spices. Red and black pepper, curry, ginger powder, herbs. The choice in modern shops or even at your own garden allows to create an endless number of flavor combinations. And again the time is wasted minimally. As you do not go in a store or a cafe for a lunch.

If you have absolutely no time, cook a little more porridge beforehand, add the fresh vegetables and take it all in the office.


Fruits and dried fruits are a wonderful snack. Those who have never tried drinking an office tea with dates, nuts, raisins, prunes lose a lot. Fruits activate the metabolism, improve mood, and most importantly, they can be eaten very often. Apples, persimmons, bananas, pears, pomegranates, grapefruit – the choice is great and wonderful.

The same fruit can be added to the natural yogurt and kefir, add a few tablespoons of oat bran – and ten minutes later a useful for the beauty and a stomach lunch is ready. A cottage cheese is good with honey, muesli can be poured with milk or juice. There is plenty room for imagination.

By the way, you can eat so 5-6 times per day, with 2-2,5 hour breaks, as nutritionists usually recommend. Then you will not need to feed your body with fast-food, and on getting home there will be no temptation to grab the food and eat up everything that is in the refrigerator.

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